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My business is built on Plone and Plone is built upon the community. The conference is the beating heart of the community. Everybody who has a stake in Plone is there. It is not a question of going — I’ve only missed one conference in seven years and I don’t plan to miss any more in the future.
Philip Bauer,, Munich

Why come to the Plone Conference in Bristol?

Whether you are new to Plone, a core developer, integrator, front-end designer, or user; the annual Plone Conference is the opportunity to learn from others and take away new skills, ideas and contacts. Oh, and it's held in the UK's best city.

More information on tickets, accomodation and travel coming soon

With over 84 talk slots, and speakers from every industry and all corners of the globe. Call for talk submissions will open soon.

In addition to the three days of conference we will be running two training days prior to the main event and following up with two days of sprints.

Find out for yourself why The Sunday Times named Bristol as Britain’s best city to live in.